Herring, caviar & spread

At Klädesholmen we produce herring, caviar and spreads. We are best known for our good herring pickling – the herring from Klädesholmen is enjoyed in many forms both in Sweden and abroad. We manufacture a wide range of salted, spiced and marinated herring products. Allt från klassiker som Matjes herring, Onion herring and Mustard herring – obvious elements in the Swedish food tradition – and to new exciting flavors like Cajun herring, Black currant. As a consumer you will find the products today under our brands Klädesholmen, Bråse and Alax. 

The herring we use for our products is fished in the Norwegian Sea, North Sea, Skagerrak and Kattegatt, no herring comes from the Baltic Sea. 


Our premium range consists of carefully selected fillets and pieces in sauce like Crayfish Marinated and Black Currant. The herring we use comes from the Norwegian Sea, North Sea, Skagerrak and Kattegatt. No raw material comes from the Baltic Sea. 

Caviar & Spread

The caviar from Klädesholmen is praised on the west coast where it has been a part of the breakfast table for generations, in different designs.

Seaweed caviar

Our seaweed caviar is an imitation of lumpfish roe, made of seaweed. It is advantageously used in both hot and cold dishes as an ingredient and decoration.

Herring – both good and healthy

Herring is the most common fish species on earth. It occurs in large shoals on both sides of the Atlantic, and for example, in the North Sea and in the Baltic Sea. The herring can be over 40 cm long and weigh close to a kilo.

Since the herring is so prevalent, the herring fishery has long been important for the economy in many countries. Especially when it was gathered in large shoals near the coast, making it easy to catch large amounts. This is part of the background for Klädesholmens development for half a millennium. Today, the herring is also becoming increasingly important as a healthy food, because it is so rich in nutrient fat and Omega 3.

Our brands

Our tasty products could before be found under the old brands Alax, Bråse, Klockbojen and PK Konserver. In 2008, all fell under a new brand “Klädesholmen”.

The label with “Klädesholmen” denotes our herring of the highest quality. If the label is labeled Klädesholmen ALAX, it means high quality herring at a favorable price. Some entries are also sold under our customers’ own brands (see Private Label). You can still recognize the product from Klädesholmen through the manufacturer’s code on the packaging. If it is SE 917, the product comes from Klädesholmen. Then you know that it meets high demands on quality and taste.


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How we prepare at Klädesholmen

Local anchorage is of great importance to us. Therefore, we like to buy the raw material from the western Swedish trawlers. Most of the larger herring is fished from the rich stocks of the Norwegian Sea. In the fall, when the herring is at its best, it is seasoned or marinated and stored in barrels.
After many months, the herring is mature and ready to be prepared according to our own family recipe. The herring is weighed and flavored with selected spices, onion and other vegetables.
Then the herring is put in a glass jar together with a sauce, which is spiced according to the specific product. The filled jar is then sealed with a lid and labeled. Then the jars are packaged and transported to the different stores and to the restaurants who like to serve our herring.