Herrings day

Herring is one of Sweden’s oldest food traditions with endless combinations and we had long thought about how we could lift the herring and its amazing history. In the end, we decided to start a family party –  “Sillens Dag”  – and when would it be better to celebrate one of Sweden’s oldest food traditions than on  Sweden’s national day.

So on June 6, 2008, the very first “Sillens Dag” was arranged here at Klädesholmen in Bohuslän to honor the herring while highlighting the fantastic activity of Sjöräddningssällskapet. This year, we have 10 years anniversary and many fun event points lined up for our visitors.

Today, Sillens Dag is one of the largest events at Tjörn with many local companies in place. The event is projected by Södra Bohuslän Tourism, which also takes care of booking of space on the market. https://www.vastsverige.com/sodrabohuslan/

The premiere of Herring of the Year 2019

Herring of the year

One of the points during Herring Day is the presentation and premiere of Herring of the Year.

Herring of the year is produced by Klädesholmen Seafood and is on sale from ”Sillens Dag” on June 6 and one year ahead. For each jar sold, one swedish krona goes in full to the Naval Rescue Society and their work for increased safety at sea

sillens dag